If there is a special need for common care, extra person can be accommodated.

1. According to“Lung Zhongzhi Zi No.1090031873”of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC.) on October 12th, 2020. Please find original text from https://bit.ly/2Jbnu5r .

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC.) refers to international practices and considers that the whole family or people living together are exposed to the risk of living together before entering Taiwan from overseas, and taking into account the life of the people and the safety of epidemic prevention. If there is an individual need for common care in life after entering Taiwan, CECC. flexibly allows to live in the same room during the home quarantine period, and it is not restricted by one person per one room, or at most one caregiver. However, health education still needs to take appropriate protective measures in daily life: including implementation of respiratory hygiene, frequent hand washing, wearing masks and good hygiene, keeping a proper distance, not eating together, and still be separated from those who are not in home quarantine.

The home quarantine persons who need to be took care of are as following categories:

1. Minors (<20 years old).
2. Elders ≧ 65 years old.
3. People with disabilities.
4. The physically and mentally disabled.
5. People with serious injuries.
6. The third trimester of pregnancy [the 29th week (inclusive) or above] or who needs to be accompanied or taken care of during pregnancy are assessed by a doctor.
7. Unable to take care of themselves due to injury or illness.
8. Other circumstances subject to evaluation and approval by the local government.

Those who are not one person per room should wear a mask in the quarantine room, and the followings should be noted:

(1) Should wear a mask at all times.
(2) Keep a proper distance.
(3) Avoid eating at the same table and avoid eating the same food together.
(4) Shared bathroom should be disinfected immediately after use.
(5) Implement respiratory hygiene and wash hands frequently.
(6) Avoid hugging and intimate behavior.

If the whole family is quarantined in the same room together, and one of them is diagnosed, the other family members who live in the same room for quarantine will be listed as contacts. The starting date of home quarantine for the contact is the last contact time of confirmed case before quarantine. It is not calculated from the date of entering Taiwan to reduce the risk of transmission.

2. Extra person fee per night will be charged:
- Over 10 years old (excluding 10 years old), NTD 1200/person (including daily three meals, with supplies);
- 6 years old (inclusive) ~ 10 years old (inclusive), NTD 400/person (including daily three meals, no supplies);
- Under 6 years old (excluding 6 years old), no charge (excluding daily three meals, no supplies);
- Above does not include the extra bed fee, extra bed is NTD 800 per night;
- In addition, if you need a baby cot, it can be provided free of charge, please inform in advance, thank you.

3. If your flight to Taiwan is an earlier flight, or if you'd like to book more than 2 person in one room, please contact us before booking a room, thank you.

Posted on: Nov 06, 2020 10:59